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Home Maintenance
Special Cleaning
Labor Dispatch
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Air Quality Management
Pipe cleaning
Cleaning Products Delivery
Long-term Cleaning
Hospitals and Clinics
.Hospitals and clinics .Shopping Center
.Office Building .Residential Building
.Restaurant and Hotel .Education and Entertainment
.Transport Installation .Factory Authorities

One-time Cleaning
.Home Maintenance .Exterior Building Cleaning、Signboard Cleaning
.Water Tower Cleaning .Rail Car Cleaning
.Residential Building .Factory Authorities
Hospitals and Clinics
1. Staff working shifts and function roles are generated based on the daily operation schedule..
2. Cleaning operations is performed in accordance to standards, develop ISO operating standards and maintain environmental hygiene at all time.
3. Establishing foreman, officers and supervisors in order to generate an organization system ensuring adequate human resources during operations.
4. Achieving targets efficiently and successfully by maintaining effective communication with the management team.
【General Ward Cleaning and Maintenance Projects】
Nursing stations、seats、cabinets、ceiling、walls、sunroom ̇、discussion rooms、dispenser、doors and windows、grounds maintenance、public bathroom、safety ladders、elevators、garbage cleanup、wards, clean storage room

【Emergency Room and Observing Area Cleaning and Maintenance Projects】
Nursing station, waiting chairs, beds, ceiling, walls, discussion rooms, dispenser, windows, floor maintenance, public toilets, cabinets, garbage cleanup,ward,working carts

【Ward Cleaning and Work Training】
1.Checking uniforms
2.Wearing appropriate personal protection appliance
3.Place necessary tools and cleaning agents into the cleaning carts
4.Run the necessary cleaning works

A.Into the room safely
1.Looking for infection control precautions instructions.
2.Required to wear personal protection appliance
3.Must knock before entering the ward.
4.Courteous with patients and their families, self-introduction and explain your purpose
5.If a doctor, nurse or medical staffs are working in the ward, leave the ward immediately and come back later..
6.Park the cleaning carts on the aisle; enter the ward with necessary tools

B.General Inspect
1.Review the ward, sweep up the garbage on the ground.
2.Be careful with discard needles and other sharp objects, pick up with clip.
3.Placed in a solid container.

C.Remove the general waste
1.Cleaning general waste in the wards.
2.Be careful with projection in the container, do not reach by hands
3.Tightening the garbage neck and tie a knot at the top.
4.Placed the garbage bags in the cart or placed in garbage centralized location.

D.Remove soiled or used bed linen
1.Be careful with needles and sharp objects while cleaning the ward or toilet towel or clothing.

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Office Building
In today's rapidly changing industrial and commercial development, office is the place where most people spend their time. A dirty environment may generate bacteria growth, unpleasant odor and diseases, resulting in an uncomfortable environment. Therefore, maintaining a clean atmosphere is very important, but requires professional cleaning company to provide such services. Implementation of the correct cleaning procedures ensures a clean, hygienic, safe, environmental friendly working environment for all occupants inside the parameter.
【Standard toilet cleaning operations】


Operating procedures

Equipment, tools, materials

Inspection standards


Tool prepare

Personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, waterproof non-slip shoes)
Warning signs - scrapers, buckets or wringing, mops, scouring pads, garbage bags, rags, broom, dustpan, toilet cleaners, neutral detergent, glass cleaner

Clean, odorless, no urine scale, floor dry, clean glass and no glass stains


Wear protective equipment

Masks, gloves, shoes



Warning signs placed in the aisle

Warning signs



Toilet and urinal pre-spray

Cleaning agents



Rubbish Removal

Garbage bags



Toilet, urinal surface scrub

Scouring pads



Toilet, urinal scrub the inside

Scouring pads



Clean the sink

Glass scraper、Rabbit brush、Towel



Walls, door cleaning

Neutral cleaning agents、Scouring pads


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潔之方事業(JANUS GROUP)在1987年成立臻霖實業股份有限公司,從事環境清潔維護及物業管理相關業務,在1989年成立清潔用品環保耗材供應(物流)中心─代理天然環保、安全清潔劑及專業清潔機具行銷全。
Residential Building
Cleaning is to remove dust, odor, grease and other types of debris by the use of manpower, cleaning tools and cleaner. Prevent the spread of any contaminations by using detergents (Protectant) and coating agents, in order to prolong the cleaning efficacy. The staff from cleaning company plays an important role in this process, where the personnel is required to perform efficiently, quietly, minimal dust disturbance that may cause disease/bacteria distribution. The operation is more than just a cleaning process, but also a social responsibility by eliminating any potential epidemic.

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Shopping Centers
Large shopping center brings together the unique shops in Taiwan, attracting a huge audience, innovative customer demand for a new life, and provide clean, beautiful and comfortable to shop and enjoy VIP shopping paradise atmosphere, blending into the shopping and entertainment, casual dining, fun fashion, architectural aesthetics and culture artistic taste in a perfect experience of space.


Cleaning Project

Daily operations

Regular jobs


Each floor

1.Stone Floors
3.Plastic Floor
4.Wooden Floor

Electrostatic dust, mop swab (depending on the material properties applied for)

Cleaning, crystallization (depending on the material properties applied for)

1.Operating ago
2.business in a timely manner to maintain

1.French windows
3.Glass doors

Wiping、Wipe dust


1.Prior to the completion of business
2.Operating in a timely maintenance


Wipe dust


Prior to the completion of business


Wipe dust


Prior to the completion of business

Including various types of potted landscape


Wipe dust

Prior to the completion of business

Billboards, signs

Wipe dust


Prior to the completion of business


Wipe dust

Trench cleanup

1.Prior to the completion of business
2. Operating in a timely maintenance

Metal bar, column, frame

Wipe dust

Oiling maintenance

1.Prior to the completion of business
2. Operating in a timely maintenance

Trash, ash barrel
2.Stainless steel

Wipe dumping

Cleaning or oiling and maintenance

1.Prior to the completion of business
2.Operating in a timely wipe dumping

Air conditioning inlet and outlet


Wipe the dust

Prior to the completion of business




1.Prior to the completion of business
2.Operating in a timely maintenance

1.General Lighting
2.Fine Art Lamps
3.Emergency Lights



Prior to the completion of business

Food Street Cutlery


Pallet cleaning

Operating in a timely maintenance

Food Street flooring

Washing machine cleaning

Grinding machine cleaning

1.Partitions before applying for business
2.Operating in a timely maintenance

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潔之方事業(JANUS GROUP)在1987年成立臻霖實業股份有限公司,從事環境清潔維護及物業管理相關業務,在1989年成立清潔用品環保耗材供應(物流)中心─代理天然環保、安全清潔劑及專業清潔機具行銷全。
Restaurant and Hotel
Restaurants, school kitchens, fast food restaurants, hotels, food court, if there are cockroaches in a central kitchen, rats scurry, guests dine influence, environmental problem, to strengthen the comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of the restaurant and other health management. Meanwhile, health authorities also stressed that you may send inspectors, the heaviest possible penalty is 300,000.

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潔之方事業(JANUS GROUP)在1987年成立臻霖實業股份有限公司,從事環境清潔維護及物業管理相關業務,在1989年成立清潔用品環保耗材供應(物流)中心─代理天然環保、安全清潔劑及專業清潔機具行銷全。

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Home Maintenance   
Green Cleaning Experts - G‧Clean

Cleaning of the side carefully selected cleaning staff
1. First, the human resources department from the numerous biographies and calls, screening must meet the conditions, must be in place for the people of.
2. Each service personnel in the selection of candidates, the companies have to undergo a rigorous audit, the age of 50 years old, junior high school education.
3. In addition preliminary audit by those who must also accept the company's professional cleaning and the evaluation of training internship to become chief of staff of the company to the customer's home cleaning services.
4. Distinguished hold "Labour Management Training Center Family Clean Class" graduation certificate.
【Quality of service quality and efficiency】
We value your needs for health, safety and privacy, so we all have the following part-time cleaning proved tight for your home security checks!
  1. proved innocent: Criminal Record Certificates issued pursuant to the police regulations, police criminal record certificate (good card), is the police.
  2. health check: Make sure health check without infection tuberculosis, hepatitis and other infectious diseases ... the proof.
  3. proof of liability insurance of employees: 24 hours accident insurance: the unification of all employees of the Company Yibaiwushi ten thousand plus insurance accident insurance, have a responsibility to ensure compensation for work-related accidents occur when each employee.
  4. public liability insurance guaranteed by the insurance company to provide customers a unified customer service in the process due to an accident caused injury or property damage when the body, giving the insurance liability.
【Why choose JANUS】
Time Management Yes,4hours No,2.5~3.5hours Indefinite
Schedule. Progress Control Yes, Institutional management, with customer needs to provide reserve manpower scheduling No, Changes often
Health Service Staff Checks Yes, To provide free tuberculosis, hepatitis ... Infectious diseases and other health checks implicit proof, infectious diseases do not enter your house No, Not guarantee
Home Protection Items for Damages Yes, The highest claims of single event up to NT 10 million No, Own expense by the employer to absorb damage
Safety of Cleansing Lotion and Tools Yes, Compliance with safety professional environmental and no secondary pollution No: Easy to cause environmental pollution and damage to furniture, ornaments and other personal injury.
Degrees of Professional Cleaning Skills Yes, From more than 15 years experience in professional instructor training guide No: Mere knowledge of general housework cleaning operation
Work Accident Liability Insurance
Yes, All my colleagues were unified 1,500,000 additional insurance accident insurance and accident liability insurance of NT 10 million No: Such as accidents at work, the employer must compensate the moral burden
Variety of Additional Services Yes, Another disinfection, waxing, pest ... services (few charge) NO

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Exterior Building and Signboard Cleaning

If not cleaned the building, there will be a period of time the stain, calcification and other conditions, such conditions clean, cleaning companies and cleaning must carefully choose the way, otherwise the material will cause damage to buildings, serious cracks and other phenomena.

【Building Materials in Taiwan】
Paint Plank

【Cause of External Wall Pollution】
Air of carbon dioxide, exhaust from cars and motorcycles, dust and acid rain.

【The use of cleaner】
  1. according to the characteristics of each material and environmental choice cleaners.
  2. Inappropriate cleaners decontamination people have been able to temporarily "white" feel, but "luster" lost, serious material damage would cause irreparable harm.
  3. As long as your careful observation, many facades just washed it white, and gradually, piece or partial yellowing called (rust), sewn out of a white slurry of (calcium carbonate crystals) is called (White China) serious Tile will peel or crack, causing water seepage damage to the house installation, curtain walls with black water marks Silicone deterioration arising due to acidification, commonly known Silicone oil, severe cracking and thus make Silicone leakage is.

【Cleaning Quality Standards - General Cleaning】
Tile upside down before cleaning (upside down at the dirt dripping through long-term sun dried calcification, here is more difficult to clean.)

【Cleaning Quality Standards - Deep cleaning】
Before deep cleaning tile upside down (upside down dripping at the dirt by long-term sun dried calcification, here is more difficult to clean.)
Deep cleaning dirt upside of calcification, Japan imported plants using acid, salt washing plant can maintain the luster of the surface materials such as the new, non-general chemical cleaning can achieve the effect of a strong acid.

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Water Tower Cleaning

Towers will appear after several years of use mineral sediment, water quality will affect how much use, especially drinking water, water quality variation is easier to feel, clean the square tower designed to provide you a cleaning page, allowing you to use at home or office use can have healthy drinking water.

【Cleaning Process】
Note that before ̇ construction of drainage facilities and power.
Note ̇ construction workers pollution.
̇ cleared site after construction photographic tool.
Before ̇ cleaning, planning the most water-saving practices.
quickly ruled out the use of water pumps.
cleaning before checking equipment.
use high-pressure cleaning machine cleaning.
use of residual water treatment machines pumping residual moisture.
high concentrations of chlorine solution, spray disinfectant, then rinse thoroughly.
complete the flushing and drainage, water began.
After completion of ̇ water, then water sampling after wash.
cleaning provides user photos, equipment inspection records alone, water quality inspection reports.

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning

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Rail Car Cleaning
1. The early cleaning work items include external cleaning, rubbish and debris removal inside the trunk.
2. a sense of power plant safety considerations, this plant cleaning work are advised to vacuum cleaner iron and debris at the bottom of the distribution panel.
3. compartment detail cleaning, wipe clean the top down, including the canopy area, sidewall area, toilet facilities district, cab and passenger facility area.
4. compartment stainless steel part with tin or stainless steel cleaner to clean the oil.
According to the car compartment of the bus schedule and stages

The early cleaning work
1.The early cleaning work items include external cleaning, rubbish and debris removal inside the trunk.
2.a sense of power plant safety considerations, this plant cleaning work are advised to vacuum cleaner iron and debris at the bottom of the distribution panel.
3.compartment detail cleaning, wipe clean the top down, including the canopy area, sidewall area, toilet facilities district, cab and passenger facility area.
4.compartment stainless steel part with tin or stainless steel cleaner to clean the oil.
compartment stainless steel part with tin or stainless steel cleaner to clean the oil.
5.passenger seats with a vacuum cleaner, iron inspection cover and fire facilities and debris.
6.iron and debris to clear the board to protect the floor, the floor protection board to pick up debris and then remove the iron and put back.
7.compartment doors, glass, roof and other exterior wipe clean.
8.pretest car view, be reinforced cabin cleaning and rectification work.

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Education and entertainment

Education and entertainment such as schools, amusement parks and other places are public places, there are plenty of people within a specific period of the original out. Such as weekends and holidays, short influx of a large number of amusement parks may crowds, garbage production, clean toilets and other issues are subsequently derived can not not pay attention, if not processed immediately, in addition to unsightly, the rubbish will be hurt with dirty toilets corporate image, may cause severe public accident, such as jars Luangun lead visitors fall, tourists overturned drinks cause slippery wrestle. But in a crowded into how to deal with immediate cleanliness? Fangqing Jie Jie company with many years of professional experience, providing customers with immediate, effective and safe cleaning and maintenance services.

Operating standards extracted from the waste removal
1. Gathering the tools.
2. Wear protective equipment.
3. push carts to collect garbage at the channel.
4. The trash bins to large garbage bag inside the collection, there is pollution garbage bags along with bags to collect garbage bags Tai.
5. Use the ashtray in the trash folder soot to collect garbage bag.
6. ashtray after waterborne sewage dumped after rag supplemental water, sand ashtray with cigarette butts debris removal falls through the sieve.
7. Supplementary replace garbage bags, garbage bags and select the appropriate size of the tile in the bottom of the trash bag and rotate tightening.
8. Collect garbage bags full of really tied into the bag of garbage carts.
Garbage carts to be pushed to the provisions of garbage waiting for removal or placement or location into refuse delivery.

◎ attention has not really caused by burning cigarette butts
◎ shall not refuse when bundled with hand pressure to fill the bag to avoid being stabbed by sharp objects
◎ garbage removal process does not fall

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Transport Installation
* The average daily traffic of Taipei MRT 1,980,000 passengers
* TRA average daily traffic of 60 million passengers

High traffic public transportation, and long working hours per day, tens or even hundreds of millions of traffic daily, will bring a lot of trash and cars, station cleanliness.

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Factory Authorities
Plant organs, such as the daily workplace as workers, compared to the general office, need to focus on a broader level. Such as food factories, to ensure the health and safety of food, not only at the time to be especially careful cleaning operations, but also for pest control inside the factory to make special disposal; within chemical plants manufacture a variety of chemical agents is not only dangerous, they are derived from explosion and the stench in the air must also deal with the problem countermeasures.

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